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“Happily Ever Neon”, Sketchwave Series, No. 57

5 Aug

560O0100C Happily Ever Neon 14X14


Snow White and Seven Dwarfs was a maelstrom of chaos and gentle beauty that twirled me around in my dizzy youth. Naturally, I was obsessed with the Evil Queen and her unrelenting quest for Snow White’s demise (mainly because the idea of hate was still such a foreign thing to me). Secondly however, I was equally transfixed with Snow White’s unbreakable cheer. I was amazed that she kept in such great spirits and tried to make the best of it even in her life threatening situation through the entire film.

I remember turning to one of my parents in confusion and saying “She was just poisoned! And she woke up like it was nothing and got on a horse with that guy who kissed her!!”. To which they replied “Well, she’s a good person, and doesn’t get bothered by evil people”

At that point I remember thinking “Wow!! Whatta’ woman”.

In this piece, entitled “Happily Ever Neon”, I wanted to tie in the foreboding darkness that the Evil Queen spread throughout the film, and have it counteracted with bright fun neon silhouettes of the characters swirling around vivid pops of whimsical editorial, icons, and movie elements. In the face of Mickey rests apples floating in the sky around the heart box and the Evil Queen’s crown. I wanted to imbue a massive saturation effect, pulling in all forms of dense iconography into this piece, mirroring the complexity and incredible beauty of this film.

“Cloud Busting in the Air”, Sketchwave Series, No. 16

5 Apr

This is the central focus, the eye of the storm per se, on the entirety of The “Battle of the Senses” Series. This is where the epicenter of concentrated thought manifested itself unto the canvas. At this point, my days of diner drawing became essential in keeping up with social situations. Being that I am a painter, my life has somehow cornered itself into this painting space nestled into a cozy studio in the deep sectors of Los Feliz Village, a residential place East of Hollywood in Los Angeles. I spent months without consistent social interaction due to my obsession with finishing my work. I ended up spending so much time at the diner, that I eventually started working some graveyard shifts down at the local eclectic dive in Echo Park. It helped me get out of my head and help pull situations into my paintings. Some of these situations go over:

  • The price of gasoline rising in Los Angeles
  • Power cuddling
  • Expensive things and cheap things in French
  • Endless coffee refills at House of Pies
  • Coffee at Fred 62’s
  • Rainy weather
  • Jellyfish
  • Palm Desert
  • The weight of Summer
  • Blowing out a circuit breaker at a diner
  • Chelsea, a citizen of Savannah, reminding me of home
  • Taking my vitamins
  • Pyramids, toasters, and ghosts in Pac Man
  • Coyotes of Griffith Park

The lower left corner was drawn in the City of Hope, a town east of Los Angeles. I drew this laying in a chair, while my friend James slept post cancer removal surgery. The view from the cancer ward window was astonishing… I sat there just staring at this landscape that seemed so intensely beautiful, overwhelmed with the massive fact that my friend was going to live. I drew the literal interpretation of the window view and then later that drive at night… when all of us went back home.

This canvas walked with me through the most temperamental of times, often being the notebook for my depictions of things happening at that very moment. I wanted a truly authentic diary like experience to not only attract the viewer by Mickey being the anchor to the piece, but to further drag them into a colorful shard like world of real time events that explain the purpose of the artist. This piece traveled through deserts, hospitals, and diners this time, and the conversations and thoughts of the people are interwoven into it.

I put this into the “Battle of the Senses” series as this is a specific study on Chronoception, and the recording of the passage of time. This was drawn of events that transpired in an entire 24 hours, and is about a diary like rendition of my life in circadian rhythm.

“Everything Is Going To Be Okay”, Sketchwave Series, No. 14

1 Apr

My hands haven’t been able to work on such an intimate and intricate level like this in almost a decade. I could feel it happen on No. 12, I could feel myself lose control on No. 13, and then on No.14, when the pattern erupted on my fingertips in the words “Here is Love, Love is Here”, in that fluorescent lit 4th floor office in Echo Park at 4pm, … thats where this piece and the next few pieces began.

Every single drawing did not take place in my studio. Everything you see here was done outside of my normal working element. Each panel is a story written about the time that was happening at that very moment, what was in my head, and what was going on around me. Some of these panels are astral garbage working its way through my hands, some of these are thought out nostalgic executions, but the one thing they have in common, was that there was NO PLAN in how they were going to appear. This is pure stream of consciousness art forms carried through the diners, coffee shops, park benches, meeting places, restaurants, and libraries of Los Angeles.

This piece focuses on the following:

  • The Eye of Providence
  • Building it Higher
  • This Mortal Coil
  • Poltergeist
  • Cold Confectionary
  • Lightning Storms
  • Arithmetic
  • Video Games
  • Elementary French Lessons
  • Late Night Diner Atmosphere

The title “Everything Is Going To Be Okay” references the celebration of thought, no matter how intricate, overwhelming, and uncontrollable as it seems. It crosses the ideas of sight into touch, sound, taste, and scent.