“Neverland”, Sketchwave Series, No. 77

23 Oct



The one thing that I loved about Disney, was their continual emphasis on an escape from the normalcy of the real world. In my own childhood, nothing technically was normal, but I did have that desperate desire to escape the reality of my life.  Peter Pan, much like Alice in Wonderland, was a movie in where people got to experience the magic that didn’t exist in the real world, and I so desperately wanted to believe that could happen to me. I was transfixed by this story, and often would wait out my own window as a child in hopes that someone would rescue me to magical land filled with danger, adventure, and friendship.

This piece, which is simply titled “Neverland”, is a part of the sketchwave series in the TENxTENxTEN collection. It, much like Cinderella’s “Blue Reverie” is a piece that embodies the entire story and movie. Here you will find Peter, Michael, Wendy, John, and Tinkerbell floating around symbols, quotes, and words that are specific to the film. In the silhouette you will find references to Captain Hook, Tick-Tock, Smee, and The Jolly Roger. The major reference point words in this piece, are “Believe”, “Dreams”, and “Imagination”, three things that were essential anchor terms for this movie and my wishful nature of my childhood.


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