“Lemon Blueberry Juxtapose”, Geometric Spectrum Series, No. 61

13 Sep

560O0104C Lemon Blueberry Juxtapose 14x14

When you are colorblind, you have to learn color through an objective nature. You do not associate visually with what others see, but you begin to understand how the word of the hue attaches itself to object (IE: The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, the grass is green, etc etc etc). Being an artist, I use color beyond the normal scope of what is seen, and more so communicate it as a 2nd language to you, the chromonormative viewer. Furthermore all these pieces are beyond paintings, but they are letters to the viewer that translate stories of touch, sound, temperature, taste, and feeling to them. This is where the chapters of storytelling through color in my core character series and sequential comic series ended and the “Battle of the Senses” chapter within TENxTENxTEN began.

At first glance, this piece, called “Lemon Blueberry Juxtapose”, would appear to fit naturally within the “Geometric Spectrum Series”, a chapter focused on the basic primary shapes that twitter about Mickey’s silhouette. But upon deeper introspection, this piece moved beyond just shapes, and sought to communicate to the viewer a story of synesthesia in realms of crossing the sense of color into taste. In this piece, the colors of bright yellow speak of tart acidic tastes of bright citrusy sharpness. Next to the yellow is a light blue to approach the tastebuds on a icy cool fruity berry like flavor. In combination, these colors communicate a mouth watering melody of soft summer berries and tangy citrus fruits.

The title of this piece is where the communication lies. Without the words, you and I both are left with what you see and what color codes I read.. .. but through the power of speech lies the translation of senses to each other. This is where you and I are hearing the same language through the power of color in its objective sense.

This is the 8th in the “Battle of the Senses” series, and 70th in the TENxTENxTEN collection.


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