“Hammer Time”, Battle of the Senses Series, No. 58

2 Sep


This was the 4th piece of the Odds and Ends piece. I created this in an incredibly jam packed basement of a place I was renting in the SOMA district of San Francisco. When creating the chapter for “Odds and Ends”, this piece was the first creation that came into my head. But much like the previous Odds and Ends pieces, this idea on actual execution was a little foreign to me.

In my 5 months stay in San Francisco, I was seeing a gifted wood jewelry designer named Matt Van Horn. He and I were inseparable for my entire personal residency in fog city, and he’d often hang out with me while I drafted and painted for hours in my studio. Explaining my frustrations on my Odds and Ends series, he offered advice on what exactly to do. I, however, due to my control issues, wouldn’t let him physically help me with the project, because well.. I’m slightly crazy and obsessive in making sure that this project is primarily fabricated by myself.. Not sure why I can’t let go of that. All artists have guidance, but in this 10x10x10 project, I just … well… I’m just crazy pants mcghee at this part of the project. He, however, was incredible at helping me get this project in the right direction and I’m forever grateful for it.

This project is made of hundreds (and HUNDREDS) of 3 1/2 bright finish nails, that are rust-oleum coated, and hand painted with Holbein matte black and titanium white. The board was drilled, and then hammered one by one affixed with a combination of super glue, wood glue, and a finishing coat of shellac.The process took about 21 days to complete. I did want to call this piece “My Neighbors Hate Me” or “I Have a Headache”, but I settled on “Hammertime” in the end.

This piece has been featured on ABC News 10 in Sacramento as well as various new outlets covering the 10x10x10 booth at the D23 convention in Anaheim. This is number 66 in the TENxTENxTEN collection.



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