22 Jan



A year and a bit ago I was in my Los Feliz art studio in Los Angeles. It was late at night, and I was staring blankly at ten classic Mickey face portraits that lay together on my massive drafting table. There was this incredible weight over my head dealing with the fact that I had just  pitched and started this project called “TENxTENxTEN”. I remember thinking .. “100? How are you going to do 100 unique portraits OF THE SAME FACE without appearing redundant? How is this going to be executed? Aren’t you going to get tired after 30? What were you THINKING when pitching this?!”

Little did I know, that somewhere along the way, my brain would eventually crack, and my entire aesthetic would flip upside down and open up new doors to my artwork

Now, in my personal artist residency out here in San Francisco, I’ve hit the 1/2way mark to this project at 50, and I am incredibly satisfied with the TENxTENxTEN project and how it has turned out. Here is a picture (above) showing all the fifty I’ve done.


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