“Sleeping Fluorescent Giants”, The Human Condition Series, No. 17

7 Apr

Change is not always abrupt and cataclysmic. Change can be soft, and rippling quietly within the center to the outskirts of your hand to pen. I’ve been looking at my folder of inspiration and aesthetic, and for the most part in six years it has not changed. Its geometric, solid, and linear. It was this index of Rudy Gernreich, Pierre Cardin, Barbarella, slapped with a bit of Paul Klee and Mondrian. Its controlled chaos in an emerging space bubble aesthetic. Yet now when I look at these things, its lines are muted, and the once foundation of the need for shape becomes more of a training wheel idealism.

This piece says “Right Inside the Heart is a Sleeping Giant, and that Giant is Dreaming Very Big Ideas”. The letters are purposely distorted in an elementary context of shape. There are eyes within the eyes to see more than just the surface of things, and keys within the mouth to unlock speech of whats seen..

This piece is about the dawning of ideas, the changing our tastes, and the advancing of our aesthetics.


2 Responses to ““Sleeping Fluorescent Giants”, The Human Condition Series, No. 17”

  1. Aubree November 30, 2013 at 10:35 am #

    Are these mass produced, I received a version of this one “right inside the heart is a sleeping giant…” It’s signed 10SC with a heart and a less than symbol following it. I just wanted to find out what this was. I love collecting Disney items and I absolutely love this but I’m trying to trace it to it’s source.


    • tenbytenbyten November 30, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

      Howdy Aubree!

      What you received to my knowledge was an extremely limited print produced for CalArts this year for their 2013 gala. Michael Young of Disney Fine Art chose that piece to represent the Disney line this year. I believe thats the only print run in its existence. I’m glad you have it!

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