“Mickey in Sunset Blocks”, Children of the 1980’s Series, No. 6, 12/2011

21 Mar

I’m failing on remembering what hues I did for this, but initially they were supposed to reflect “Mickey in Sunset Pyramids”, No. 4. For some reason I cannot remember why I didn’t use the same code for this. Regardless, this was done the night before my last day in San Francisco in 2011.

Nintendo was an incredible playing factor in my youth. It was my babysitter, my channel for my frustrations, and my greatest source of entertainment. You could almost say to this slightly awkward, mildly chubby, flamboyant ginger growing up in the nondescript suburbia in Georgia, that Nintendo was my best friend. Being that had an incredibly vivid imagination (certainly a tool for my turbulent childhood), this little box blurted out a mosaic of dreams into the television set… and showed me adventures that I could not come up with on my own.

This is for the series “Children of the 1980’s”. In February, Disney Fine Art created an amazing serigraph run on these which range in Ultramarine Blue, Vibrant Red, Spring Green, and Teal, which are all personally and numbered by me. I’m not sure they are released yet until my solo show up at Art Collectibles in Chicago on April 21st, 2012.


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